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A few of them are highlighted below.

Carbon Opportunities Conference in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia March 7 & 8, 2018

Choices: two approaches to forest management in Nova Scotia; one could benefit financially from carbon offsets AND conserve biodiversity, one would not

A notice has been circulating about a Maritime Forest Carbon Opportunity Conference, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Landowners and Forest Fibre Producers Association (NSLFFPA) and the Cape Breton Privateland Partnership (CBPP) to be held in Port Hawkesbury March 7 and 8th with a rain date of March 9th.

Speakers and topics are cited on a website for the conference, led off by none other than Prof Peter Duinker of the Independent Review! He spoke recently to a Senate Committee about forests and climate change and a lot else.

Nine speakers are listed currently including Dale Prest who has been highly active in promoting carbon offsets as an income generator for private woodlot owners in Atlantic Canada (see recent post) and has urged the NS Government to adopt a cap and trade system that openly trades with markets in Ontario, Quebec and California.

So it should be an interesting conference, the Independent Review Report will have been completed, if not released, and there will likely be lots of discussion about it and the future direction of forestry in Nova Scotia. There is a $60 registration fee.

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