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A toxic legacy: Why is Nova Scotia the only place on earth not recovering from acid rain?
Jim Gourley in saltscapes, Magazine 2020

Effects of partial-catchment helicopter liming on stream water chemistry in West River Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia
Lobke Rotteveel Honours BSc thesis, Dalhousie University, April 2018

West River Acid Rain Mitigation Project
Facebook Page. See also: NS Salmon Association: Acid Rain Mitigation Project “Nova Scotia has suffered more than any other region of North America as a percent of fish habitat lost from the effects of acid rain. Acid rain has negatively impacted the salmon populations in at least 50 of the 65 salmon rivers draining the coastal plain that extends the full length of the Atlantic coast of mainland Nova Scotia, the Southern Upland. The combined effects of acid rain and low marine survival are hastening the extirpation of all but a small number the Southern Upland salmon stocks. The Nova Scotia Salmon Association has initiated an ambitious project to restore one of the rivers damaged by acid rain.”

More NSDNR research on Nova Scotia forest soils published in science journals but not publicized by NSDNR
NSFN Post, July 25, 2018

Why is the low base saturation/soil acidification/nutrient depletion/extreme surface water acidity in SW Nova Scotia still ignored in Crown land harvest decisions?
Post, Feb 3, 2019

Biodiverse Southwest Nova Scotia at Risk
Post Oct 29, 2018

Wood Decay Fungi Restore Essential Calcium to Acidic Soils in Northern New England
by Walter C. Shortle * andKevin T. Smith Forests 2015, 6(8), 2571-2587