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From molecules and cells to trees, forests, and tall buildings made of wood

Of all of the existing and potential uses of forest products, use of wood in construction is seemingly the most compatible with using our forests and forest products to sequester carbon and building on the natural strengths of a species … Continue reading

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AFR Editorial calls for more honesty about the condition of our forests

In the November issue of Atlantic Forestry Review, editor David Lindsay muses about – old growth forests (“A jurisdiction that loses its old forests becomes an ecological North Korea”) & – the inconsistency between a private woodlot owner having to … Continue reading

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Woodlot owners in SW Nova Scotia say Westfor lease works against them

“It’s been nearly a year since a consortium of Nova Scotian mills and forestry companies formed WestFor Management Inc. but concerns about what the company means for the industry aren’t letting up. “Travis Parsons, one of the largest private woodlot … Continue reading

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“WoodsCamp brings logging into the 21st Century”

UPDATE (Feb 13, 2017): NowNS: Online timber brokerage finds ways to make its mark. CH, Feb 13, 2017. UPDATE (Dec 20, 2016): ACOA backs WoodsCamp’s forestry effort Article in LighthouseNow by Gayle Wilson. Thx to MP for pointing it out. … Continue reading

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Company managing 220 private woodlots in NS concerned about exports to USA

“A Nova Scotia company that manages 220 private woodlots in the province is worried about an announcement that the U.S. Lumber Coalition is considering levying new duties on Canadian softwood lumber shipments… Ed MacDonell, the manager of Conform Limited, based … Continue reading

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Dale Prest: Open Up NS Cap & Trade to accommodate forest carbon capture

Dale Prest has highlighted a key change needed in Nova Scotia’s recently announced plan to adopt Cap and Trade: “Prest says the province needs to implement the right cap-and-trade system, one that openly trades with markets in Ontario, Quebec and … Continue reading

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Softwood lumber trade on the block again

“The last softwood lumber deal expired Oct. 12, 2015. The subsequent one-year litigation standstill period ended at midnight. Now the American lumber industry could file a petition with the U.S. Department of Commerce as early as Thursday morning” [that apparently … Continue reading

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More options for the private woodlot owners – and our forests

An article in the CH today highlights a new Nova Scotian business called Woodscamp, which offers “an online marketplace for landowners and loggers” Co-owner Allistair Jarvis comments: “One of the things that characterizes those exchanges [between a private woodlot owner … Continue reading

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