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Good news story on wood products, Nova Scotia

Updated Mar 19, 2017 “Dow and Duggan Log Homes have created a new process of constructing logs to be used in the building of new log houses” and are seeing “robust and growing revenues.” View Local log home manufacturer shipping … Continue reading

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The way of Nova Scotia forests

In The way things used to be (CH Mar 14, 2017), Zak Metcalfe writes of how his interview with forest ecologist Donna Crossland gave him a glimpse of our pre-Columbian forest and how that changed quickly following European settlement. Before … Continue reading

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WestFor Lease still being negotiated – Hines

The impending WestFor lease has occupied a bit of attention recently, with Hines touring SW Nova Scotia and Annapolis and Digby Counties expressing concerns about clearcutting and the WestFor lease. I had wondered about the status of the Westfor lease … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia’s Clearcut Refugees

“A strong argument for the inhumanity of clear cutting is that we put at risk all animals that are forced into refugee status.” – Soren Bondrup-Nielsen In a recent post on the NatureNS listserv (a birds and natural history discussion … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentations/discussions

Sunday Mar 19, 2017: ‘Clear cut’- Harm to our Woodlands discussion Presentation by Donna Crossland, BSc, BEd, MScF. 7-9pm at Myrtle and Rosie’s Cafe 1880 Clementsvale Rd., Bear River. More events March 23, March 27 and April 2, 2017 View … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with clearcutting?

To be more specific: Whats wrong with clearcutting the Acadian Forest in Nova Scotia? Outside of Nova Scotia, apparently, “we spend 80 to 150 years growing a tree in Canada – some of the longest growth rates in the world”… … Continue reading

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Halifax Co. clearcutting taking its toll

A recent media report on NSDNR Minister Lloyd Hines rounds of the province noted that Halifax County (i.e. Halifax Regional Municipality) ranks #2 after Cumberland Co. in forest harvesting in Nova Scotia. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who pokes around outside … Continue reading

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Hines on “listening tour” of SW Nova Scotia

“We were talking about harvest methods, what the WestFor existence means to the area, and generally the state of the industry too” but, according to the article “When asked who approached who regarding the creation of the lease, Hines said … Continue reading

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..8Mar2017

UPDATE Mar 9, 2017: Also in yesterday’s to and fro: a letter from woodlot owner Tom Miller commenting on NSDNR Minister Lloyd Hines’ talk to the Pictou Chamber of Commerce (see post Mar 6: Looking after Nova Scotia’s Crown land … Continue reading

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Annapolis County concerned about impending WestFor agreement

In a special session of the Annapolis County council, a motion was approved (unanimously) to request of the Premier the following (partially paraphrased): – to be informed of the expected date of the signing of the agreement between the Nova … Continue reading

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