Logging at Nova Scotia’s Corbett-Dalhousie Lakes Crown land delayed by company doing the cut to respect Migratory Bird Convention Act 11Jun2019

WestFor was scheduled to resume logging on Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest on June 9, 2019

UPDATE June 12, 2019: My report of yesterday (below) is likely not completely accurate. On CBC AM this morning (7:20 am June 12, 2019) : WestFor’s Marcus Zwicker says all across Canada, logging continues though nesting seasons; especially those on the front line in NS, he says, where a nesting bird, an owl, anything that can be identified is seen they will bring in experts as necessary and make adjustments (but not stop harvesting); he denies they contravene the MBCA…However, on further questioning, Mr. Zwicker said “it would be inevitable that nests are destroyed”. I tried to reach Stephen Saunders of Valliside Forestry this a.m. to clarify whether his statement as reported by CTV that ‘logging at Corbett-Dalhosuie Lakes would not be starting until later in the summer and that they follow strict guidelines’ meant they are respecting the Migratory Birds Convention Act; he was “in the woods” and not available at the time. Mr. Zwicker said the delay at Corbett-Dalhousie lake was related to weather, not to concerns about nesting birds. It’s all about balance he says. He said that they did change some harvesting plans during the past winter to accommodate recreational snowmobilers.
N.S. logging firm says concern for birds must be balanced against industry needs
By Michael Tutton, THE CANADIAN PRESS on CTV news, June 11, 2019
Turned down – Forestry minister Rankin rejects Annapolis County bid to preserve old growth forest
Lawrence Powell on www.trurodaily.com June 11, 2019

Original Post (June 11, 2019)

This appears to be the first time that a logging operation on Crown land has been delayed in order to respect the Migratory Bird Convention Act

According to a report on CTV News for Monday June 10 2019 (19min:21sec-20:34)

A peaceful protest is continuing outside of Bridgetown in the Annapolis Valley…Naturalists arrived at the site yesterday [Sunday] and camped out overnight. They are concerned about logging in the area which could disrupt migratory birds in and around West Dalhousie, also concerned about losing Old growth Forest and they intend to take steps to disrupt those operations…

“Its time the province listens to the people…People simply don’t support cuts like these in the midst of a climate crisis…Its also about what’s happening all over NS”…

A sign went up last week from WestFor saying cutting would resume as early as today… One wildlife biologist said he has called police and Environment Canada to enforce provisions of the Migratory Bird Convention Act. The company says they follow strict guidelines and the cut hasn’t started yet and it won’t start until sometime this summer*.
*May 11, evening: It has been pointed out to me that this does not necessarily mean that the apparent delay is related to the Migratory Bird Convention Act.

The company name is not cited. It is given as Valliside Forestry on the sign that was posted on the site. The company is based in Aylesford; view some pics here.

This action and lack of action seems to be breaking some new ground in Nova Scotia: it appears to be the first time that a logging operation on Crown land has been delayed in order to respect the Migratory Bird Convention Act

Writes Bev Wigney on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology today: “Several of us were in contact with Canadian Wildlife Services yesterday and received letters that would confirm that work would not be legal under the circumstances – a number of migratory bird species having been confirmed on breeding territory in the Corbett-Dalhousie Lake Forest.”

Thx Valleyside, Thx Annapolis Naturalists & Co., Thx XRNS

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I guess one might ask why the Migratory Bird Convention Act has not otherwise been respected by DNR/L&F, especially given they have had a Forest Biodiversity Science Advisory Committee since 2015 for which four of the five members are university profs (the fifth member is a DNR employee), and it’s not as if the topic never came up before, e.g. in Op-eds, articles by Bob Bancroft and on billboards (right). DNR has even laid charges under the Act – but to hunters for exceeding limits, not for habitat destruction or harassment during nesting season!

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