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Following are some groups or individuals that moderate regular discussions related to land, forests and forestry in Nova Scotia:

Woods and Waters Nova Scotia
Created Jan 2017. Discussions of forests and forestry in NS. Moderated by author Mike Parker “I am an outdoors advocate and enthusiast who is dedicated to fostering the sustainable use – not the unfettered abuse – of Nova Scotia’s woods and waters.”

Clean up the Pictou County Pulp Mill (Public Group)
Group created on July 11, 2013 “The goal of this group is to create awareness, share information and stories about living around the bleached kraft pulp mill, located at Abercrombie Point, Pictou County, and it’s waste treatment facility Boat Harbour.
We are NOT trying to shut down the mill but simply trying to bring it up to a standard we can all live with. There are too many studies and stories to not address our health concerns.
The time has come to begin healing ourselves and our environment.”

The Healthy Forest Coalition (Public Group)
Group created on June 20, 2016. “The Healthy Forest Coalition is an alliance of organizations and individuals united to raise public awareness of the critical state of our forests and the need for fundamental reform of forest policy. Generations of mismanagement have depleted our soils and seriously compromised our forests’ capacity to regenerate. Current practices are making things worse at an alarming rate. Indigenous species are threatened. Habitats are disappearing and natural ecosystem functions destroyed. Our forest economy is collapsing. We must act before it is too late. We must change the way we manage our forests. We must set them on the road to recovery. Restoration won’t be easy. It will take a long time. But it can be done. Our forests can again become a great ecological and economic asset for Nova Scotia. ”

Official page for Treaty Truckhouse against Alton Gas (public Group)
“Nova Scotians join Mikmaq communities, including, women, government and community members and our allies and landowners are standing up and saying ‘NO” to brine waste in our traditional territory…This is a massive threat to the fishlife and fish habitat of the Shubenacadie and Stewiacke River….The Treaty Truck House and Treaty Camp was established through prayer and ceremony with grandmothers, women and men who are committed to the protection of the water and Mother Earth and Treaty. We stand in unity to protect the sacred for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia . (Public Group)
Group created on September 9, 2016. “Stop Spraying in Nova Scotia (SSACCNS) is a group focused on stopping clear-cutting and the spraying of Glyphosate and other herbicides on the forests in Nova Scotia. This includes raising awareness of the harmful effects of Glyphosate on eco-systems and animals in Nova Scotia.”

Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology (Public Group)
Group created on October 29, 2018 “This is a group for those in Annapolis Royal, NS, and the surrounding area, who are interested in ecology and the environment. It will be a place for us to network about environmental issues, coming events, and also to share our observations about the natural world in this area.”

Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia – SUNNS (public Group)
Group created January 9, 2018. “We are a newly formed group of concerned citizens working to ensure environmentally sustainable, locally-driven economic and community development in northern Nova Scotia.
Among our goals are:
(1) to work towards a sustainable future by offering a realistic economic alternative to extractive industries;
(2) resist any activities that would be obstacles to this vision.