On Tree Planting

From a Post on the Healthy Forest Coalition Facebook Page Feb 18-19, 2021

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CARP does a bit of planting but I haven’t anything else for this.

Can you send message me

Obviously desperately needed – maybe a good project to launch?

Only if they plant hardwood. If they are planting pines and spruce, the intention is to cut them down in 20 to 30 years for pulp. Unfortunately, that’s just what will happen to most of these trees eveyone is planting. It’s easy to grow and transplant conifer seedlinds. Hardwoods are extremely difficult to get growing and survive transplanting. What is better — leave the forests alone. Let the hardwood trees reseed and provide shade for their seedlings as most of the “GOOD” trees require shade as they are shade tolerant species.

tree planting is not needed at all its green wash for a dirty industry i planted over 2 million almost all a wast of time 1 also work weeding plantations 9 times out of 10 the natural regeneration is better trees than planted.

We can all gather tree seed in the fall….especially –as Bev Wigney points out below– from hardwood trees. Gathering and planting seeds is easy, cheap, you can do it on the sly, you can do it with your kids and your grandma and aunties. You can spread tree genetics around quick. I have found that University campuses are great places to find established oaks. and of course parks and cemeteries often have great old trees that are just longing to help regenerate our forests. Ps….I love spruce and pine (especially white pine) too!

for the price we could be buying and protecting land NS has no lack of trees just pore land managment

Quit clearcuts, no need to replant

HM tp KG
exactly, they are counterproductive. A forested area can be selectively cut forEVER. But that wouldn’t fit in the pulp cartels plans…

7 centsa tree ,last time i looked in NS
is it more now ? adam?

9cent last time i planted 1 cent raise in 20+ years and only because they cut out the sit prep irving payed 6 cents for a long time are now up to 7 cents ripping kids off bad working for the same pay there parents made

…the mills will plant millions this spring same as they have for over 30 years there is no lack of good ggrowing trees. at 1$ per tree 1800 to the hectare you could buy 2 heactar of forest for the cost of just planting the trees on 1 heactar. whats better putting 1800 into a tree plantion or buying 2x the forested land?

AF to KG
tree planting pays me 2 to 3 times as much as i can make running chainsaw

KG to AF
I believe it. Cutting for mills with chainsaws sucks..still $73 ton roadside..I’m going to cut firewood..let the 2-300,000 BD ft of prime spruce stand till I’m paid for it.. likely there’s more than that on lots I have lined up.. Westfor w… See More

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73$ less 3$/cubic M they take for there silviculter budget your doing it right you never get that back if you clear cut you can get your 3$/cubic M back to plant and run bushsaw .your good work is funing the tree planting bushsawing

… all the cheep crown wood flooding the market + government subsidized roads means westfor will never pay a fair price

KG to AF
what really pisses me off is this new term they have invented..”maritime boreal forest” there’s never been such a thing , but you can be sure they will create one..eg. all the planted and sprayed clear-cut land…it’s the ruination of our province..we need to go to war with these assholes

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westfor is killing a rural way of life worth fighting for. i did not read much of ther bs matrix plan its just a distraction

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I didn’t read it at all as I already know what should be done with public land…LEAVE IT ALONE!!

AF yo KG
Ken Gray layhe just handed 2/3 of crown to westfor .how is that gona make anything in the woods better ?

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We can’t let that stand!

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check out the new north Nova video and see why I think planting is a complete waste of money

[Video at https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=876477339803264]

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waste of money how about dnr doing all this work on layhes traid plan ? dnr workers are the best payed workers in the forestry industry and there dumping days and days of work into handing 1/3 to the mills to clearcut and plant 1/3 into matrix work that may never get done why would mills care what the rules are on the matrix thy just got 1/3 to clear cut and plant but still dnr cant come up with a way for treeplanters to get a pay raise they get more every year thanks to there union