Shanni Bee on Canada Warbler in Mainland Moose Country 15Nov2020

In a Post On Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting Nova Scotia (Public Facebook Group) Nov 15, 2020

“So… I used to make maps for a living, and am pretty good with map making/spatial analysis. Today I took a look at some environmental datasets for our areas of interest (around the Silver River & Tobeatic Wilderness Areas) and made a few maps.

“In a nutshell, I overlaid the harvest plans over a breeding habitat model for the Canada warbler, which is another one of the species named in Bob Bancroft’s lawsuit against the province for its violations of the Species at-risk Act.

Click on map for larger version

“The model is from my thesis, and has been validated, peer-reviewed, and published. I should be clear though, good habitat does not mean Canada warblers definitively breed there, but that they have the potential to be (although, of course, no model is ever perfect). Also, poor habitat just means poor for Canada warblers; it says nothing about moose or many other species.

“You will also see wetlands (a data file actually distributed by lands & forestry) very near to clear-cuts as well as watercourses and waterbodies (from the NS topographic database) on the maps.

Peace, Love, Solidarity…”