Shanni Bee on Harvest Plans 15Nov2020

Copied from a post on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting Nova Scotia Nov 15, 2020

Hello, Forest Protectors.
I did some more playing around with the NS harvest plans and various environmental datasets today. I have a few more images to share with you.
The first map illustrates forestry activity on crown lands across NS since 2016 (which is as far back as the harvest planning data goes). In this map, harvest types are delineated according to NS Lands and Forestry’s (L&F) own classification system (with ‘Variable Retention 10-30%’ defined as CLEAR-CUT).

The second map again illustrates forestry activity on crown lands across NS since 2016, but in this map, I expanded the definition of clear-cut to include a number of other treatment types. This expanded clear-cut definition is in line with a Chronicle Herald article written by two retired biologists (Helga Guderly, PhD, and John Himmelman, PhD) from Laval University. (The article is excellent and can be found here, but unfortunately behind a paywall:…/commentary-under…/) The authors of said article state that, in Nova Scotia, harvest outcomes are predominantly clear-cuts. To quote them directly, “They are clear-cuts to ordinary people and wildlife.” In line with their definition of a functional clear-cut, this second map defines all harvests classified by L&R as either ‘Variable retention (10-30%)’, ‘Shelterwood’, ‘Overstory removal’, ‘Seed-tree release’, or ‘Salvage cut’ as CLEAR-CUT. As you can see, under this definition, the majority (68%) of silviculture activity is clearcutting in Nova Scotia.
The third image is a table, which shows the percentage of silviculture harvest activity (any type) that takes place within various distances of four features: Protected areas, Wetlands, Lakes, and Watercourses (rivers). The statistics are alarming to say the least.
Nonetheless, I hope this stuff is helpful.
Let’s get this province a moratorium on all clear-cutting until Lahey Report recommendations are implemented in full!

Peace, Love, Solidarity…