Jan 23, 2018: Update from the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia

The Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia issued an update today, added as text to its NSDNR webpage under four headings:

Written Submissions – The Review has received more than 170 written submissions…

Meeting with Individuals and Representatives of Groups and Organizations – Professor Lahey has held more than 60 meetings involving over 140 groups and individuals. Participants in the meetings held to date are listed here

Work of the Team of Expert Advisors – Professor Lahey recently held a three-day workshop in Halifax with most of his team of expert advisors…

Ongoing Listening, Upcoming Events and Ongoing Work – The Review will continue to welcome written submissions until its mandate is completed. The Review is however more likely to have the opportunity to fully consider submissions it receives prior to or on January 31…The Review will soon be receiving advice from the Forest Biodiversity Science Advisory Committee of the Department of Natural Resources…Professor Lahey has asked Amanda Lavers, Executive Director of the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute, for the Institute’s assistance in organizing and hosting multi-stakeholder discussions on the following two topics:

  • The condition of Nova Scotia’s forests and what is known and unknown about the condition of the forests; and
  • The options for creating an ongoing forum or forums for continuing multi-stakeholder discussion of and contribution to forestry policy in Nova Scotia.

The final report is due on Feb 28, 2018.

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