Winter splendour in a forested Nova Scotia landscape

There is a wonderful piece of mixed Acadian forest on drumlins by Sandy Lake, close to the neck of the Chebucto Peninsula on the Bedford Basin side.

The forested landscape goes right through to the Sackville River floodplain and includes a lot of forest in a mature to old growth state, with many trees over 100 years of age and some over 200.

I grabbed the first cold sunny day after a good snowfall, Jan 19, to walk some its many trails and enjoy the full splendour of the Canadian winter, also to get a break from the depressing debates about the state of our forests.

Here one can still enjoy the forest that was much more familiar to Nova Scotians in days gone by.

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Walking towards Sandy Lake beach , I was
told: “You have to take a photo of the
hemlock in the sun” So I did (at right).

It was slushy on top of the ice
where a stream entered the lake
so.. I went back to safe territory

“The Acadian Forest Love Affair”
Hemlock & Yellow Birch

Deer scat

…and not far away, a resting spot

Well used trail (left)
Happy dogs above,
their happy human companion follows.

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