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I have had several inquiries about the “Leave a Comment” option at the bottom of blog posts. I have not allowed comments on nsforestnotes.ca but for the life of me, I can’t get rid of the “Leave a Comment” option even though it does not work. ( I have checked WordPress forums etc. and none of the advice, suggestions etc have worked for me.*)

I have blocked comments on nsforestnotes.ca because, based on past experience managing WordPress websites (e.g., for Halifax Field Naturalists), I could anticipate that more than 99% of responses would be spam.

I do appreciate constructive dialogue, however. A good venue for that is the Woods and Waters Nova Scotia Facebook page which is hosted by Mike Parker.

Says Mike:

W&WNS is committed to being an equal opportunity forum for both sides of the forestry debate. Mistakes happen. Unlike social media where an error can be edited for correction, radio / television doesn’t allow for a do over. Calling someone, anyone, on this page a liar is teetering on the brink of being shown the door. Participation on W&WNS is not an inherent right. For those who missed the memo, there is to be no profanity or character assassination. Decorum will prevail. Otherwise go elsewhere.

Mike posts something about most of my blog posts or sometimes I go there and do it myself (which he later approves, or not, and then they appear on the W&WNS Facebook page). In addition to being able to comment on my posts, you will see lots of other interesting posts and discussions on W&WNS.


Nov 17, 2017: *Something worked – the next post shows “Comments Off” instead of “Leave a Comment”, but old posts retain “Leave a Comment”.

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