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A thorough sham – and shame – of process

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Just received:

The provincial government quietly posted on their website on Friday afternoon that there is a Law Amendments Hearing for the public, on Monday morning at 11:45, on the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS ACT (Bill 213)…they have given citizens barely any time to organize people to speak up

This is the LAW that the Province will go by, for the next 5 years, on what they will work towards for reducing carbon emissions!
This is it!

NEEDED: As many people as possible to phone in (this weekend) and leave a clear voice message to tell them that you want your name on the list to be a speaker on Monday at the Sustainable Development Goals Act, (bill 213).
call: 902-424-8941
tell them your whole name, and leave your phone number.
Refer to the info above.

Then, Monday (Oct 28) morning, call them AGAIN, to confirm that your name is on the list. If you get through on Monday, you may be assigned a specific time. It is very possible though, that you might receive a busy signal on Monday, so that’s why it’s important to call now.

Bill 213 has very weak targets for carbon emissions.
It is not enough to do our fair share, and does not take into consideration climate justice for developing nations.

…This act, if done right, will change government policy for the next 5 years or so – it must have stronger targets, or it is lip service.

We NEED a socially just transition; free from environmental racism and green-washing. (ie: Muskrat Falls hydro-electric project is not a good example of renewable energy: it has flooded Indigenous lands with mercury)

If you cannot come in person…send an email with your thoughts:

Bill 213:

General info on presenting in committee:

Update Tues Oct 29, 2019
To view progress of the bill:

The Law Amendments Committee apparently reported to the house yesterday evening. A motion made during the public hearing on Monday afternoon to extend the hearings so all who wished to speak could speak was defeated by the Liberal majority on the Committee. Evidently they had their marching orders, reminding me  of goings on in the USA.
So.. Public Notified Friday, ‘had to register by Sat noon to be heard, hearing on Monday…and it goes straight to the House, a through sham (and shame) of a process. Unfortunately, or fortunately it was witnessed by an impressive number of ‘kids’; after listening to them, I think they are the real adults. 

(In My Submission, I requested that (i) the need for open, transparent, independent GHG accounting (including e.g., LCAs and models) in all aspects of climate change mitigation and (ii) the preeminent role of our forests, potentially, in mitigating climate change, in biodiversity conservation and as a vehicle for sustainable prosperity be explicitly recognized in the Act.)

Proceedings on YouTube:
Says EW:

Please watch, as 6 hours of speakers plead with the provincial government law amendments committee, to create stronger targets for net zero carbon emissions.
The provincial government ignored it all.
Speakers include multiple youth, Indigenous voices, scientists, an oceanographer, a scientist, a food security expert and mothers who are worried about their children’s futures.
Please watch.
The Environment Minister Gordon Wilson and Stephen McNeil did NOT watch.

News Coverage:
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Joanne Light in the Chronicle Herald, Oct 29, 2019

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Thx to EW

From EW to the Law Amendments Committee, Nova Scotia, oct 29, 2019:

To: Law Amendments Committee, Nova Scotia
Call the office: ‭(902) 424-8941‬

Re: Bill 213
Sustainable Development Goals Act
October 28, 2019

For the past year, I have made it my full-time job to educate myself about the climate crisis and the ways that our society and economic system is driving us towards species
extinction and biodiversity collapse.

Thank you for hearing my voice today regarding Bill 213, and provincial government action on the global climate crisis.

It is good that you have declared a climate emergency –
now I ask you respectfully, to
ACT like we are in an emergency.

The world has known that we are in an emergency of catastrophic nature for over a year
now, and climate scientists have known we were heading here for 30 years.

There is no time to waste.

Therefore, I am imploring you to legislate STRONGER TARGETS for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Norway has committed to a 2030 target for net zero carbon
emissions – and this is in line with the urgency of the global situation.

Bill 213 targets for net zero by 2050, which is in line with the IPCC report – however, it is important to note that the IPCC Report is a conservative paper, based on consensus.

That means there is no margin for error, no safety net.

It is prudent, when dealing with a life or death situation, to use the precautionary principle and err on the side of safety.

There have been many instances where Provincial Government has missed it’s own deadlines and target dates in the past – for instance, this very Bill, originally named
EGSPA (Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act) , from 2007, was due for review and redefinition in 2017.

By the time Bill 213 is implemented, it will be 2 to 3 YEARS overdue.

This should signal to policy makers that we cannot afford to have a target so far off, because we must do more to protect humanity, and we need a safety net in case we
miss the goal.

Other examples of Provincial government missing deadlines and targets:

Provincial Govt had committed to reducing forest clear-cutting to 50% of all cutting in 2010. – However, 9 years later, approximately 90% of all cutting are still clear-cuts.

Provincial Govt had released a Protected Areas Plan, but 4 years later, implementing the plan is still behind schedule.

Provincial Government had committed to stop cutting
Old Growth Forest on Crown Land, but that still happens.

Please note that the tipping points of the climate crisis are continually happening faster than scientists predict – that is because of the albedo effect – which is like a domino
effect that creates a feedback loop and makes the crisis speed up.

Again, that means that we need a safety net in our targets.

So you can see, that we need to set STRONGER targets for net zero carbon emissions, so that we can get the job done, correctly, on time – otherwise we are risking our lives.

Please commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2030 – follow the lead of Norway.

While it is very important for this Bill to include proper and fair consultation with Indigenous Peoples and citizens, please be sure that consultation does not cause delays on the most important, most obvious remedies to the crisis.

For example, these steps should be taken immediately:

Stop all fossil fuel developments, including Alton Gas, offshore oil and gas, and stop burning coal as soon as possible.

Stop clear cutting forest.

Remove biomass for electricity from the Renewable energy list, because biomass for electricity has been proven to be dirtier than coal.

Zero new gold mines in Nova Scotia – we need to protect our water.

No open pen fish farms.

We need meaningful protection of our coastal and marine waters for the purpose of guaranteeing healthy marine ecosystems that will in turn ensure a healthy climate.
We KNOW that the ocean is a climate regulator.

Preserve carbon sequestration by committing to stronger Protected Area targets, and re-wilding, and forest conservation and protection.

Protect biodiversity through conservation and restoration. Mono-cultures are not resistant to disease.

Stop spraying glyphosate. It has been proven carcinogenic and does not protect biodiversity.

These are just a few examples.

We must transition to real renewable energy as soon as possible, such as wind and solar – and it must be a socially just transition – without environmental racism.

Please note that the Muskrat Falls mega hydro project has flooded Indigenous lands with mercury.
This is not a just-transition.

The International Energy Agency has recently released a report that says that offshore wind-farms can provide more electricity than the world needs.

Please insert wording into Bill 213 to ensure that annual reports assess the ADEQUACY OF GOALS in the bill, so that we can remain current and evidence based as the years go on – since we know that climate change has a tendency to happen
faster than we expect.

Finally, I ask you to return the words “Environmental Goals” to the Act.

We must base the next 5 years on preserving and restoring the environment so we can do our fair share to protect humanity.

The economy will grow by making a Green transition if done correctly – but we must put the safety of humanity at the top of the list.

Nova Scotia often proclaims to be leading the way on climate change – it is not hard, because the bar has been set very very low.

You are capable of more.

Citizens want more.

Please lead the way with pride in knowing you are setting real targets that will actually make a difference to save humanity.

Bill 213 as it currently stands, will not do that.

Eleanor Wynn

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