nsforestnotes.ca may be a little slow on the uptake for a while

nsforestnotes may be a little slow on the uptake for a while.

I have to say, the back and forth over the last 3 weeks or so has been hard to keep up with even though I am “capturing” only a fraction it.

Regardless, I will be able to do less for over at least the next 3 months. I will be away but with internet access..so nsforestnotes.ca won’t disappear altogether, but I will be preoccupied with other matters.

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I highly recommend Woods and Waters Nova Scotia (Mike Parker’s public Facebook Page) as a place to check in on to see what’s happening, also Mike hosts civil discussion of NS forest and forestry issues.

It is the place I have recommended for people to post comment on my posts and Mike makes a post about most of my posts (see if you can figure that one out, post a noun with a few meanings, a verb with a few meanings, and many people posting posts but I’m sure you get it). You have to be on Facebook to participate but anyone on Facebook can participate.

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