Feedback sought on CCFM’s A Vision for Canada’s Forests: 2018 and Beyond

This message from Julie Towers, Deputy Minister, NSNDR has been circulating:

“The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) is an important forum for the respective governments across Canada to discuss issues, exchange information, work cooperatively, provide leadership and generate actions on forestry related matters of interests to all Canadians.

“Our national vision for forests was last updated in 2008. Because you live, work, play and reflect in our forest ecosystems, we need your help to establish common aspirational goals for sustainable forest stewardship, to increase awareness of Canada’s forest management practices and to promote collaborative action.

“I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out our presentation where you will be invited to review A Vision for Canada’s Forests: 2018 and Beyond. Then share your thoughts and help shape the future of forests in Canada. Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues as well. All input is welcomed.

“The CCFM target for date for input is May 31st, although the portal will remain active and will continue to collate your input past that date. Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts and help shape the future of forests in Canada.

“More information and resources can be found on the CCFM web page at index.asp.”


The document has some interesting infographics, ‘not quite sure how to interpret some of them, but I guess that’s a reason to give feedback. E.g., under 3 Collaborating for Success there is a graph which seems to show, for the future, declining influence of government and industry and increased influence of consumers on forest sustainability, but the x -asis is given as “Raw Material, Manufacturing, End use – I think it may also indicate time, but that’s not clear, nor do I understand what they mean by “end use”.

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