In Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Sunday Aug 20: Forest Market and Fair

Medway Community ForestThe Medway Community Forest Cooperative is holding their first annual Forest Market and Fair at the Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market grounds on Sunday, August 20th from 11:00am-2:00pm. Visitors are invited to

Explore the amazing diversity of goods and services that our Acadian forests can provide. The market will showcase atisans, crafter, and local businesses that utilize forest products or the forest ecosystem.

Some of the vendors cited on the Medway Community Forest Co-op Facebook page:

George Rizsanyi from Bear River Guitar Works will be showing his guitars and the materials he uses to build them at the Forest Market and Fair …George makes beautiful guitars from pieces of wood that others consider to be imperfect. In the past his clients have included Keith Richards, Sting, James Taylor and Peter Gabriel!

Warren’s Pure Maple Syrup will be attending the Forest Market and Fair this Sunday …Their excellent syrups make an sweet addition to any dish!

Chanterelles just up (Aug 18)

Another vendor who will be attending the market this Sunday at the Annapolis Royal Farmers and Traders Market is Fundy Spores, a company which sells wild and home grown mushrooms as well as mushroom tinctures, and mushroom pigments used in art. Fundy Spores is also dedicated to the preservation and restoration of local wilds which is a message that fits right in with our mandate!

Another one of our excellent vendors is Bryan of Vagabond Drums. Bryan makes standard and collapsible bongo cajons, wooden shakers, and other handmade wood products.

Eighteen vendors had signed up on Aug 15th.

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‘Hope to see more and more of these events and Acadian forest-friendly businesses in our future.

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