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Shedding light on the science of forestry in Nova Scotia

Shedding light on the science of forestry in Nova Scotia

Mike Parker’s Op-ed of Oct 28th has opened a box. Two contrasting reflections on the Op-ed are expressed in the CH today, by Tom Miller of Green Hill and Earle Miller, Lower Onslow.

Tom Miller begins ” What an incredibly well-done opinion piece by Mike Parker in the Oct. 29 Herald…Too bad Department of Natural Resources management has no desire to provide any answers to those questions, since no “scientific” answers exist to justify their decisions. Minister Lloyd Hines speaks only to the 11,000 or so jobs in the industry, not to the science issues. Regarding those jobs, the only good ones are in the DNR and the pulp mills, and perhaps at a few sawmills.”

Earle Miller begins “Mike Parker and Bob Bancroft have it wrong! Forest policy and forestry operations in this province are based on science…Forest farming isn’t much different than food crop agriculture, other than it takes much longer to grow a crop.”

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