In awe of mature forest in Nova Scotia

Zak Metcalfe, writing in the CH, expresses feelings so many of us feel when we walk through a mature or old growth forest, now so rare in Nova Scotia.

Snag in mature forest at Mt. Uniacke

Snag in mature forest at Mt. Uniacke

The sensation of stepping into a forest of relative maturity is difficult to mistake. The ground is softer somehow, often thick with roots growing through the soil-like arteries. The canopy is dense without a ray of wasted sunlight; wherever an exceptionally tall tree has fallen, a brood of spruce trees throw eagerly to fill the void. And the trees themselves are magnificent, towering and some so thick it takes several people to reach around them.

Zak speaks about the woodland on Mt. Uniacke Estate. Read more from ZM.

I had very much the same feelings when I visited Uniacke Estate only a few weeks ago. I biked with my grandkids on the trail around the drumlin. It’s so great to be able to share with them more of the forest my generation experienced in our youths. They were in awe.

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