National Forestry Database: 88% of NS forest cuts in 2014 were clearcuts

Clearcut on Crown Land in 2014

Clearcut on Crown Land in 2014

“The National Forestry Database is Canada’s Compendium of Forestry Statistics, serving as our national source of credible, accurate, and reliable forestry statistics.” – from their home page:

On the menu along the left side of the page you need to click Silviculture >> Jurisdictional Tables >> and then “NS” in the row labeled “ Area harvested by ownership and harvesting methods” (Here is a direct link –

Stats are current to 2014 for now. Since this website breaks down the various types of clearcutting (including “shelterwood” – a two-stage clearcut, and “seed tree” – a clearcut with a few standing trees left), you need to scroll down a bit for the totals. For 2014, it reports that clearcutting was used on 8,035 of 9,364 ha cut on Crown, and 20,315 of 22,823 ha cut on private, or 28,350 of 32,187 ha total (88%). The footnotes at the bottom provide some background on where the data comes from.

Thanks to HG for this info.

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